Shyam Prasad
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Advertising Photography

Our studio setup is perfect for our clients. We have a great studio in the name of Shoots & Shoots Photography, in south Delhi, Jangpura in which we have access to some of the best professional facilities. Our photographs speak for our clients, communicating their products and services for the advertising sector. To ensure this happens we critique our work as a team on every project right through from set-up to post-pro. We work together, bouncing ideas of each other to get the best results for our clients. We often go ‘the extra mile’ to get the shot… that's what it's all about.

The Importance of Fashion Photography

“We look through the view finder and there’s a window to something magical. We haven’t seen it before…we see something we haven’t yet caught…it’s such a thrill…” Fashion Photography, according to me( Shyam Prasad ), is a special moment, a very special sequence where glamour and beauty is at its best. It’s the art of capturing the moments, the feelings and the real soul of the object. My all time favorite sweetheart- Mamiya RZ Pro 2 with Digital back, 33-mega pixels and Canon Mark-3.

Female, Male and Children’s Modeling Portfolios–Yes we do them!

It’s a great question and one we get asked a lot! The honest answer is you won’t know until you try! I’m not being cheeky or vague but let’s look at this from the idea that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. When you put people in front of a camera it changes them. Some feel right at home and are happy to play around and enjoy themselves while others freeze up. It’s a bit like throwing a ball, we all can do it just not as well as some others can. So when it comes to you or your child being in front of a professional photographers camera you really won’t know till you try. It’s very important that the photographer knows children is patient and has the ability to connect with that child, to disarm them and to bring out the personality of the child. Looking at some of the most popular actors and actresses it’s not their face you always fall in love with it’s them! It’s not all about looks as much as it is about personality. Catching the smile is one thing but the mischievous smirk, the wide-eyed smile and laugh, is altogether something different! The photograph should capture the personality as well. We are good at getting our subjects to relax and have fun in front of the camera Confident Photographers leads to Confident Subjects! Here are a few shots from a recent portfolio for a young model hopeful!

The Importance of Product Photography

Based in South Delhi, shoots & Shoots Photography Studio is one of the leading company in Delhi that specializes in providing Product photography service. Our mission is to provide good quality product images at the lowest possible price. We believe in a transparent approach with our clients and therefore you will find no hidden costs involved. All our prices include Photoshop, photo editing, colour balance and resizing facilities for every image provided. We are able to offer photography as a package or alternatively they are also available separately. We will however include the re-naming and re-sizing of the images in both options “The images” are an important touch point for customers. Images are as important to websites as is the shop window to traditional retail shops.” In most cases we not only offer a better product but also a more competitive price. Shoots & Shoots photography is there for a best quote.

Perfect Wedding Photography by Shoots Shoots Photography

Neha, wanted a perfect wedding photographer in Delhi, and Shoots & Shoots, was the answer.We, with its innovative storytelling and wedding photography charmed the bride. She had a very good experience with us as we delivered our all services on time. We captured her all beautiful and sweet moments in our camera and fullfil her all expectations she had with us.

Pre Wedding Photography by the Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi

Pre wedding photo shoot is fun, it paints your emotions on a beautiful canvas before your wedding day, experience the love in our pictures, which will get imprinted in your memory as a symbol of your courtship days and Shoots & Shoots is a the one who understand their emotions and captured them in its camera.

Indian Brides Adore Candid Wedding Photography of the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi

Every bride wants to select the best candid photographer who gives them the best candid photography with great ideas and different concepts not only in shoots but also in albums. She also loves flaunting the pictures with friends and family. We try to be a one stop desire for every bride who is looking for classic wedding photography.

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